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ISO 26262 at a glance

ISO 26262, also termed as "Road vehicles - Functional safety", is an international standard for functional safety of electrical and/or electronic systems, defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

E/E systems in automotive are becoming more complex every day. An average modern vehicle does have a round about 20 to 30 million lines of code and somewhere around 120 ECUs to control various function of the vehicle. This is also leading to the increment of risks from systematic faults and random hardware faults. There is a need of integrating functional safety and security into systems and software engineering from the concept phase to manage the complexity and avoid the safety and security risks.

ZooKoo having a team of experts with sufficient experience in functional safety and can support you on all issues related with ISO 26262: from conceptual design, development and production to the decommissioning of safety-related systems.

Functional Safety (ISO 26262) - History

ISO 26262 (functional safety) is a standard which defines functional safety for automotive equipment applicable throughout the lifecycle of all automotive electronic and electrical safety-related systems. The standard can be used for all activities applying to the lifecycle of safety-related systems involving electrical, electronic software during the development, production, management and service processes

With the evolution of automotive industry and increment in technological complexity, there is an increase in systematic failures and random hardware failures. These all comes in the scope of ISO 26262, and it includes the guidance to mitigate the risk by providing appropriate requirements and processes

Functional Safety Parts

There are 12 parts of ISO 26262 standard, mentioned below:
  • Vocabulary
  • Management of functional safety
  • Concept phase
  • Product development at the system level
  • Product development at the hardware level
  • Product development at the software level
  • Production, operation, service and decommissioning
  • Supporting processes
  • Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL)-oriented and safety-oriented analysis
  • Guidelines on ISO 26262
  • Guidelines on application of ISO 26262 to semiconductors
  • Adaptation of ISO 26262 for motorcycles

ISO 26262 - How it helps?

Provides and supports an automotive lifecycle (management, development, production, operation, service, decommissioning) including the tailoring of the activities which are included and performed during the lifecycle phases.

Outlines an automotive-specific risk-based approach [Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL)] Helps avoid unreasonable residual risk by using ASIL to shortlist which requirements of ISO 26262 are applicable provides requirements for functional safety management, design, implementation, verification, validation and confirmation measures; Provides requirements for relations with suppliers

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